A Good Thing Gone Too Far?

February 25th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on A Good Thing Gone Too Far?

Ok, This is going to date me but I don’t care. I think that television designers have taken a good idea entirely too far. Specifically, I’m talking about the remote control.

You see I remember a time when television sets didn’t come with a remote control. The closest thing you could have to one was if you ran the sets power cord to a wall socket that was controlled by a switch near where you were sitting and then of course all you could do was turn it on and off.

For everything else, people actually had to get off their duffs and (brace yourself) walk across the room and use one of several plastic knobs to adjust volume, change channels or tinker with the brightness and contrast.

Not only that, but for the longest time, the picture was in black and white (My family didn’t get color tv until 1971 and believe you me that was a BIG DEAL.)

Then as the 1970’s progressed, more and more sets started coming with remote controls (which entirely too many people STILL pronounce “remolt”, something that annoys the living snot out of me.) until finally in the middle to late 1980’s a remote control became standard equipment.

Then in the late 1990’s things started changing again. The controls on the set itself started disappearing. First they were hidden behind doors and then finally they were removed entirely. Now it’s gone so far that many tv sets today cannot be operated without a remote!

It’s reached the point that the only controls on the front panel of most sets is the power button. Some still have basic up and down volume and channel buttons but absolutely anything else, such as changing directly to a specific channel, setting the clock (TV SHOULDN’T NEED A CLOCK!) or adjusting the picture all have to be done via the remote.

If only because it was the only exercise some people got, getting up off of one’s backside and walking across the room to change a channel or adjust the volume was actually a GOOD THING.

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