Odd Collections

March 10th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on Odd Collections

Lots of people are into collecting things. Stuff ranging from stamps or coins to comic books, dvd’s and so on. However here in nutjob hills some of the things that people collect can be anywhere from “different” to really just plain strange.

For example there’s a guy a couple blocks over that collects antique video cards. He’s got at least one of every video card made since the early 1990’s up until 2005 and most of them that have been made since then. They’re all in glass display cases, arranged in chronological order of the date they were first sold, with placeholders for the relatively few that he hasn’t got yet. It’s a great display of computer history.

Then there’s the guy that collects lawn darts. The lady that collects can openers and the lady that collects butter (she’s got six freezers full of every brand and package style of butter sold over the last sixty years…. and her husband has a collection of working generators to keep those freezers working in case of power failure!)

There’s the woman who collects high heel shoes. She has never, to my knowledge worn any of them in public but she’s got over 800 pairs on shelves in her garage which explains why she always parks in the driveway.

I’ll stop now but I *could* go on for hours.

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