March 20th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Counterattack

There’s been an interesting development in the recent situation with Mr. Helpful targeting a guy that’s recently moved in who happens to be on the large side. Apparently after I talked to the new guy to warn him about Mr. Helpful and the well meaning trouble that he could be this guy cooked up a plan.

By the time Mr. Helpful showed up at his door the guy was ready. Before Mr. Helpful could even introduce his infamous “weight loss shake”, this guy hit him with a barrage of questions about what diet supplements would be best to help him with some obscure health issues without having to resort to expensive medical treatments and risky (and expensive) drugs.

He even had a bunch of printouts that described the conditions in detail, along with more printouts loaded with information about a variety of dietary supplements and what each one was good for. He had Mr. Helpful busy for over two hours figuring out which one’s were best for the situation and would also not have harmful interactions.

About four hours later I saw a dazed but satisfied looking Mr. Helpful heading back to his house.

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