Keeping Him Busy

March 20th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Keeping Him Busy

After I saw Mr. Helpful looking kinda dazed on his way back home I just had to go see Mr. Tall again to find out what happened. Not only did I get the details that I’ve already written, I also got to find out that Mr. Tall isn’t stopping with just the one round.

While we were talking I noticed that he had loaded in his web browser. When I asked him about it he said that it was part of step two. He’s planning to talk to Mr. Helpful soon about trying to find help for a woman he knows that’s too shy to let anyone she hasn’t known for years know about her problem (that way he doesn’t have to produce her in person.)

He’s going to tell Mr. Helpful that this woman is beginning to develop wrinkles and is deathly afraid of looking like she might be getting older and that this is complicated because she’s also deathly afraid of doctors and doesn’t trust the companies that make commercial skin care products at all. Then comes the kicker, he’s going through that website looking at everything they list and writing down at least one ingredient in each that he’s going to tell Mr. Helpful that the woman is severely allergic to.

He’ll then present the problem that she absolutely needs some kind of treatment that will work in spite of all those hurdles.

It’s a work of pure genius. Mr. Helpful could be busy for months on this project!

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