Bad News

March 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Hot Topics | Comments Off on Bad News

There’s some really bad news and odds are that you’ve already heard it. Obamacare passed and we all know that the president that should never have been is going to sign this abortion of a bill into law. This means that at the very least your home budget software is going to be getting the biggest workout it’s ever had when you are suddenly required by law to have health insurance but the insurance companies are not required by law to sell it to you at a reasonable price.

Oh yeah, I’ve heard that tripe about how the idiot democrats in power say that with that many more sales being made the price will go down.. BULLSHIT!! Those greedy bastards in the insurance industry aren’t going to lower prices as a result of Obamacare’s mandatory health insurance laws. No. If anything, they’re going to RAISE the prices and gouge the nation for every bleeding cent they can and if you don’t think they will then you’re an idiot.

Just watch and see what happens. This thing is the worst disaster to happen to this country in it’s over 200 year history. Osama Bin President has been working to destroy this nation by destroying it’s economy while calling it reform.

I was against obama from the moment I first heard that he was running for president and I have been against him since then. Electing him was a mistake, one that we are ALL now going to pay for.

We’ll get revenge though. We will set things right. Next November we are going to vote as many of those bastards out of office as are up for reelection. Then when the time comes, Osama Bin President will be leaving after one term. If somebody doesn’t kill his ass first.

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