Boondockery At It’s Finest

March 28th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Boondockery At It’s Finest

Living out here in the boondocks of Nutjob Hills, in spite of “certain people”, is largely peaceful. Especially when compared to living in the city. I hardly ever have to listen to the wailing song of sirens in the middle of the night because there’s been another gunfight at the local bar or rival gangs have decided to mix it up once again. Pollution is far lower than in the city, one can actually appreciate the smell of fresh clean air without having the aftertaste of industrial pollutants and chemicals added in. The list goes on quite a bit.

However there are also downsides to being out here in the sticks. One of which is that a lot of times when you need something, you end up going to the city to get it. If I need a new computer or a component for one, since there’s no *real* computer shop around here I need to either get it online or go into the nearest decent sized city to get it. The same goes for finding a good cheap auto insurance policy. Yes, there’s an insurance agency here. Three of them in fact. Yet experience has shown that even though their prices aren’t bad, the policies frequently have some strange requirements and I for one don’t care to spend good money on a seeing eye chicken before being allowed to drive at night!

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