Yes, Nutjob Hills Actually Has a Museum

March 30th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Yes, Nutjob Hills Actually Has a Museum

In fact, there are several of them. Although to be perfectly honest, none of them are actual museums. They’re just the collections that have resulted from the assorted oddities of various locals. Some of which are actually quite interesting. Not only that, but a few of these people will, if you’re really nice about it and agree to their conditions, allow you to look at their collections.

For example there’s one that I think of as the “Nutjob Hills Museum of Digital History” The guy has at least one of almost every home computer ever made. This collection starts with an ancient Altair and progresses in chronological order to the present. There are some gaps in most parts of the collection but thanks to a recent acquisition he now has the entire line of hp desktop computers from the very first all the way to the most recent model showing up in computer stores.

I would have included some pictures here but one of his conditions to being allowed to look at the collection is to submit to being searched to insure that no cameras are allowed in. He believes that the intense bursts of light from flash units will somehow damage the paint on them

Ok, fine, YOU try to convince him that’s not true! On the other hand, don’t bother. You will not win. You cannot defeat a determined nutjob.

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