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The movie “Hackers” is one of my all time favorite titles. It features Jonny Lee Miller playing the role of Dade Murphy. Dade is a young hacker using the alias “Zero Cool” who writes a computer virus that crashes 1507 computer systems in one day. His punishment includes being forbidden to use a computer or a touch tone telephone until he’s 18 years old.

When he turns 18 He’s moving with his mother to New York where he gets a computer and takes on the new alias of “Crash Override”. He has an interesting, even funny conflict with another hacker “Acid Burn”, played by Angelina Jolie.

In the course of their conflict Crash and his new friends discover a plot by an evil computer genius Eugene Belford (Fisher Stevens) who is also known by the alias “The Plague” to use a malicious computer virus to cover up his use of a “worm” program to steal millions of dollars.

In order to stop Belford, Crash and company have to not only outwit the evil hacker who has access to superior computer technology but they also have to avoid being arrested by the Secret Service long enough to expose the plot and stop the virus.

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