When Enough Is Too Much

April 11th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on When Enough Is Too Much

There comes a time when you reach the point where you’ve had all you can deal with of assorted things going on and, even in Nutjob Hills, enough becomes way too much. Of course, living in Nutjob Hills isn’t exactly a “low stress” environment either. You’d think that it was because it’s a rural town and in a lot of ways it’s SO much better than living in a city. Then again, in the city you don’t have Mr. Helpful and the rest of the cadre of raving floons that call Nutjob Hills home either. That cadre and the stress it can (and did!) cause is a good part of the reason for my recent hospital stay.

This is the first time I’ve been in a hospital since my wife died and the first time that I was a patient in one since I had my appendix removed two yeas ago. This time I was at a different, much more modern, hospital about an hour west of Nutjob Hills.

This place was pretty nice as hospitals go. Long gone are the rooms with two and four beds with tv stands positioned at not very convenient places and phones located halfway across the room from the beds. This place was ALL single occupancy rooms. The tv’s are modern flat screen units mounted on the wall at a perfect angle for the patient to see from the bed and the phone is actually mounted on the bed rail!.

The food, well, I guess you can’t have everything. Though I have to say that it wasn’t actually bad and I didn’t have a chance to try their normal fare because they had me on the 1800 calorie, low salt, no sugar, no flavor, bland diet. From what I’ve heard, the normal menu is actually pretty good.

I’m also considering myself blessed that I didn’t have to stay there for more than a single day. All they needed was to keep me there long enough to run a series of EKG’s and blood tests to make sure that I did not in fact have a heart attack. As it is now, I get to go back Monday for a stress test.

Having had one of those before, I’m NOT looking forward to it.

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