New Museum Next Door

April 18th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on New Museum Next Door

Some might think it strange that a fairly small town like Nutjob Hills would have even one museum, let alone several of them. Not only that but there appears to be a new one starting up right next door.

You see my newest neighbor, he of the cigars, has been busy lately. It seems that he has a very strong interest in sportscars in general and the Ferrari in particular. Over the last week he has taken delivery of enough Ferrari parts to fill his garage. In fact, he’s got so much in there that he can no longer park his family car in there and is planning to put up one of those large portable buildings in his backyard to house the Ferrari stuff.

Personally, if I were to start such a collection I think I would rather assemble those parts as I got them and just build the car. Then again, *I* wouldn’t want a Ferrari in the first place, I’ve kinda got a problem with cars that you don’t get into so much as you put them on.

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