What Is It With People And Assumptions?

April 23rd, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on What Is It With People And Assumptions?

Why is it that people just HAVE to make assumptions about what they THINK they know when in fact the odds are pretty high that they don’t have a farking clue what they’re talking about?

One example comes from a recent doctor visit. After spending forty five minutes waiting int he treatment room for the doc to show up, he walks in and immediately starts talking in the loudest so-called “conversational” tone that he can possibly manage.

What’s infuriating is that I know why he did it. He came in and saw that I have quite a bit of gray hair and that, obviously (to him) I must also be deaf as a post. Never mind that nothing in my chart say’s anything about any loss of hearing… He just saw me and ASSumed that I must be deaf.

Similarly, I remember the day I moved in to this lovely town of Nutjob Hills. I hadn’t even gotten the truck unloaded when Mr. Helpful showed up bearing a tray of what he called the world’s best weight loss supplements. Images of some of the things on that tray are still, to this day, burned into my memory, such was the horror of it.

Then there’s the time some wit decided that it would be a great stunt to bungee jump out of a helicopter into the municipal swimming pool. There was only one problem. It was the middle of January and the pool was not just “cold and freezy looking”, it was frozen over solid and only had about a foot and a half of water in it at the time. The guy flying the helicopter was just as drunk as the guy jumping and they both assumed that because it was a pool that there would be water in it.

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