Kids Are Invincible And Know Everything, Just Ask ‘Em.

April 29th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Kids Are Invincible And Know Everything, Just Ask ‘Em.

I’m sure that everybody over the age of 35 has long since noticed that kids between the ages of 12 and the upper 20’s seem to be convinced that not only do they know everything, they are also invulnerable to harm or consequences from their actions and decisions.

The problem seems to reach a peak when they’re about 17 and stays at that level until they are 22 or so when it starts to slowly wear off as they gain experience with the real world.

A good example can be found right here in Nutjob Hills where that condition can sometimes be even more extreme (and longer lasting too!). A local 17 year old kid has been saving for quite a while and finally had enough money to buy his first car. His parents tried to give him sound advice about what kind of car to get both so that he’d get one that would last and be economical and so that he could get better insurance rates as well.

Of course, he ignored them and bought a sports car type model instead. Later when he went to he was amazed to find that his parents were right and that his choice of car, combined with his age and lack of experience is going to cost him most of what he earns for he first couple of years just to keep the car insured. Yet in spite of this, he’s still not going to give up his “dream car”. After all, it’s much more important to drive around in a fast moving “babe magnet” than to save money on insurance.

Personally, while I would love to have almost anything that was a “babe magnet”, I’d rather save the money. This is why I drive a seventeen year old car that has 351,000 miles on it. It may not be super fast or look super slick but it gets me where I need to go and I have one of the lowest insurance rates around because of that car, my lack of accidents & tickets and the fact that I’m 50.

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