Even An Idiot Should Know Better

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Every place has it’s share of people who are, to be nice about it, “cognitively challenged”. Or to be absolutely blunt, idiots. Naturally Nutjob Hills is no exception, in fact, it might well be the front runner for the highest concentration known to exist anywhere on the planet.

One really good example comes from a couple that lives about a block from the police station. The first thing to be said about them is that they’re in their early twenties and both have a full measure of the arrogance that goes along with being that young. They pretty much consider themselves to be invulnerable, given to statements like “nothing like that’s gonna happen to ME!” and so on. They also consider themselves to be the ultimate source of all knowledge. Any time you try to tell them something you get a response on the order of “Duh! I *know* that!” regardless of whether or not they actually have the first clue what you’re talking about.

The guy is a real piece of work. Loud music, an extra helping of attitude and the firm conviction that speed limits are for everybody BUT him. I’ve talked to him a few times and he honestly believes that speed laws do not apply to him at all and he’s got the tickets to prove it. I was talking to him because I’d heard the two of them talking about how unfair they thought it was that every term life insurance quote they got gave them such high insurance rates. One company wanted a five thousand dollar a year premium, paid in advance, before they would issue a policy on the two of them.

After ten minutes speaking with him I was flatly amazed that they’d ever gotten a quote so low and a few days later he proved my point. He was clocked doing 80mph in a 55 zone and to top it off, he decided that it was a really great idea to try to evade the cop that was trying to pull him over. In the course of his very short lived chase, he managed to plant his car in the ditch totaling it.

Now he’s griping to anyone that will listen that it “just isn’t fair” that he’s not only gotten a ticket, but is going to have to show up in court for trying to evade police and for driving without car insurance. After that he’s going to have to pay up all his fines plus the tow bill and storage fees for his car at the impound lot. And finally, he’s got to show proof of insurance before they’ll let him have his car back at all.

He knew the law and chose to do things his way in spite of that. Yet he still insists that he has done nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to put up with any of this or pay one cent of fines.

Some people can actually make “trailer trash” look good in comparrison.

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