Thunderstorm Showers?

May 13th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Thunderstorm Showers?

One of the residents here in Nutjob Hills that isn’t heard from very often has been rather vocal for the last couple of weeks trying to convince everyone who will stand still long enough to hear even part of what he has to say. His message? That springtime and the thunderstorms that are typically much stronger and more frequent are, in fact, nature’s best acne treatment. Specifically, he is telling people that if they have an acne problem, then the best thing in the world to do to treat it is to shower during a thunderstorm.

The thing is, he’s not simply advocating that people should jump into their showers during the storm, something that most people would be naturally hesitant to do. No. He is trying to convince people to stand out in the heavy downpour, naked, and proceed to soap and scrub themselves with the still falling heavy rains of the most severe thunderstorms.

He insists that this is the single greatest treatment for acne regardless of how bad it is or where on your body it appears. (not all acne appears on the face you know)

While I must admit there are a few people in the neighborhood that I wouldn’t mind seeing attempt this, there are many more that I sincerely hope do not try it. My retinas can only stand just so much.

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