Not Everybody Is A Loser

May 27th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Not Everybody Is A Loser

It’s occurred to me recently that most of the stories that I write about the good but often strange denizens of a place that I call Nutjob Hills tend to paint these folks in a somewhat unfavorable light and that’s not even close to fair. There are just as many success stories in Nutjob Hills as there are in any other city. In fact, there might be more because of how, forgive the term, insanely tenacious many of them can be.

Aside from salesmen and “helpful” people that constantly pester their victims with all manner of things that they or anyone else have no use for and do not want or need there are some entrepreneurs that have managed to accumulate quite tidy fortunes because their particular version of the Nutjob Hills “bent” has served them quite well.

One example is a guy I’ll call Jake (not his real name). His big thing is the “big deal”. He runs a small import export firm and one of the great things about him is that if there is something you want, the odds are very good that he can get it for you at a price that will beat just about any merchant you can name. He is an excellent salesmen. When he’s got a product that most people couldn’t unload for anything, he not only manages to find a market for it, he makes a profit doing so. This guy has actually managed to sell Amish fireplaces to people that live in a climate so warm all year round that there isn’t a furnace to be found anywhere. Yet he’s sold a couple of hundred of them at least in just the last six months.

I’m not entirely sure how he did it but he managed to convince these people that it wasn’t about producing heat. He managed to turn the fireplaces into a status item and before long everybody who was anybody had at least one.

And he’s just one story. Perhaps I will make it a point to relate some more of the positive stories in the future. Though I have to admit, a lot of the negative or just plain weird ones are funnier.

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