Close But No Cigar

June 2nd, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Close But No Cigar

My latest nemesis, the “Mr Helpful” wannabe with the sales angle on everything is at it again.

He’s finally noticed that I’ve got two printers in my office and that I never use either one of them. When he was here not long ago trying to sell me something else he found out that neither of them works when he tried to get me to print some brochure or other in order to get the coupons (for products I didn’t want) out of it. I told him that they didn’t work and that I didn’t have time for his nonsense, Etc, Etc.

Does that give him a clue that I don’t want to be bothered? No. Instead he came by this morning to offer me a great deal on an epson tm-t88iv printer.

It amazes me how clueless he can be. I’m sure that this is a great printer for the use it is intended for but honestly, I work out of my home office. What possible need could I have for a printer that’s designed for use as part of a Point Of Sale terminal? Not only do I not sell anything, I wouldn’t do it out of my home office if I did.

Now If he’s got a plain Jane black and white printer laying around I *might* be interested in that since I almost exclusively print text, it would be much better suited to my needs.

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