Things To Know About Dedicated Web Hosting

September 30th, 2008 | Posted in Traffic, Web Hosting | Comments Off on Things To Know About Dedicated Web Hosting

Any website, be it a blog, forum, business or whatever that get lots of traffic really need a dedicated host. This way you have the advantage of much greater resources in terms of not only space and bandwidth, but in response time and server load. A dedicated server is taking care of only a limited number of sites and will be much more responsive to visitors than a shared hosting plan. Dedicated hosting also allows you to run any kind of script or application you need. You also usually have the ability to host multiple domains so that you can have you primary domain for doing business as usual and a secondary domain for testing and development which keeps it out of general public view until they’re “ready for prime time”, a very important consideration when developing new scripts.

Dedicated web hosting also means that all of the resources of the server and it’s IP address are unique to that website. You can give your webmaster access to the entire bandwidth of the host, along with all the disk space needed.

Websites in a shared hosting plan are sharing all the resources of that server. If your shared hosting plan has a lot of high traffic sites using it you (well, your visitors actually) can not only encounter problems with slower response times but you can also end up with more cost when your transfer rates exceed the amount of bandwidth you’re allowed on your plan. If your disk space and bandwidth to be used per month exceeds the allocated amounts you can find yourself being charged a substantial penalty or your website temporarily closed down.

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