I H*A*T*E The JJ Abrams Star Trek

June 5th, 2010 | Posted in Hot Topics, Movies | Comments Off on I H*A*T*E The JJ Abrams Star Trek

I think the title says it clearly enough. What JJ Abrams did to Star Trek is unforgivable. I know that a lot of people think that it was better than a shot of mega vitamins to get the story moving again but they did something with this story that needs to be fixed. They broke the timeline.

Their biggest error was in writing it so that Spock accepted the situation and opted to live with it as it stood at the end of that movie. That was wrong.

As the Spock I have watched for over 40 years would have put it,

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

In this case “The many” would be the billions that were killed when the insane Romulan destroyed the planet Vulcan. JJ Abrams should have realized that Spock would not permit such a thing to go un-repaired. He would have done something about it to repair the timeline BECAUSE of those billions that died who shouldn’t have when Vulcan was destroyed.

I think that he would have discussed this with both the younger version of himself and with the young Kirk. Both would see the logic and the absolute need to do something to right this nearly inconceivable wrong.

Remember, the older Spock knows where the Guardian of Forever is. he also knows how to calculate the kind of course needed to travel in time via a slingshot effect and arrive within days of his intended target.

It would be a lot of trouble but that would not stop him. In the end of the next movie he and the crew of the Enterprise should be waiting when the insane Romulan’s ship arrives from the future to destroy it the second it arrives, thus restoring time and history to what should have been.

JJ Abrams made the mistake of not thinking logically when considering Spock or how he would react to a situation that is clearly wrong.

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