Ranting Again

June 10th, 2010 | Posted in Movies, Opinion, Reviews, video, what if | Comments Off on Ranting Again

I know that I talked about this in my last entry but I know that sometimes an idea comes across more clearly when you see it expressed in video format.

I seriously believe that the powers that own the movie rights to Star Trek (it was Paramount last I bothered to notice but things change…) should have done some kind of pre employment screening when looking for a director for this Star Trek “reboot”. I honestly believe that it could have been done without taking it in a direction that effectively cancels out almost the entire Star Trek time line!

And by the way, while Zachary Quinto made for a passable younger Spock (though there was still WAY too much emotion and anger on display!), Chris Pine is no James T. Kirk. Hell, he wouldn’t even make a half decent young William Shatner, never mind Kirk!

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