The Adventure Begins

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Ok, technically speaking, the adventure began in Troll Wars – Episode 1 when our hero was brought into a dream by the personification of several aspects of his personality to help them win a war against the Troll which is the personification of the darker, nastier side of all of us.

In Troll Wars – Episode 2 the troll begins trying to use the dream state to exit to the waking world where he would then become the primary personality and eventually take over first the world and eventually the galaxy. He would then rule all as a classic example of the greedy, glutinous evil galactic overlord. This guy is so bad he makes the Goa’uld look like a small time street gang.

The primary personality (the guy that was brought into the dream in Troll wars) talks things over with the other “good guys”, inspiration, conscience, and logical reasoning, and decides that the best thing to do is change the dream to a situation with rules in an effort to counteract the troll’s efforts to maximize the chaotic state he needs.

Phat Trek Episode 1 – Phat Attack is the first in a series of adventures that “the one”, as the primary personality is known to the others, takes on the dream role of a starship captain on a long term exploratory mission far from federation space aboard the starship Enterprise.

On these adventures he and his crew will meet and deal with many aliens, both friend and foe, many of these stories will deal with something related to weight loss and healthy eating. From alien races struggling to save their civilization with safe weight loss pills to a race obsessed with aerobic exercises and even a race of beings composed entirely of fat that resemble a sort of squishy analog to the Borg.

Here is the first episode, “Phat Attack” in which they encounter this race of fat blobs for the first time.

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