Moving Day Workout

July 11th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on Moving Day Workout

There’s a guy that lives nearby that has, in the last several months, managed to achieve something rather interesting. You see at that time (I think it was roughly six months ago) he was weighing in at nearly three hundred pounds. As of last week he had lost nearly forty pounds and developed considerable muscle.

Being a guy that needs to lose a lot of weight myself, I asked him his secret. He said that it was his “Moving day abs workout“. Apparently he had gotten a job at a local moving company. On every job he had made it a point to handle the heaviest things that he was able to.

Over time he reached the point where he was always handling the heaviest things on any job and after doing this four and five days per week for six months he’s lost that forty pounds.

Now I’m not exactly the laziest guy on Earth, however I think any workout I come up with is going to have to be a bit lower impact than that. I’ve got a back problem and arthritis that this guy doesn’t have.

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