An Unusual Diet

July 11th, 2010 | Posted in Current Events, Misc | Comments Off on An Unusual Diet

In my efforts to lose around a hundred and fifty pounds and get back to a much more reasonable weight of two hundred, I have studied a lot about weight loss and dieting. I have looked over many options and I have come up with a most unusual weight loss plan that treats tv dinners as what I think of as thebest weight loss products that you can find anywhere.

Yes, you read that right. tv dinners, frozen dinners, whatever you call them, have proven to be the single most effective way to lose weight that I have tried so far to date.

Specifically I’m talking about plain old banquet frozen dinners that sell for about 88 cents each at my local grocer. They have from 200 to 400 calories each. I eat three or four of them a day. This puts my daily calorie intake at 1600 or less per day, which is well below my basal metabolic rate of 2800 calories.

Since I started this diet a month ago, I’ve lost nearly 15 pounds and the loss is continuing.

I’m going to beat this weight problem yet!

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