The Sales Nutjob

July 12th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on The Sales Nutjob

The would-be apprentice to Mr. Helpful, the guy that’s trying to outdo him and make a nice tidy profit in the process is at it again. This time he’s making victims out of people that need to lose weight but don’t want to do the dieting and exercise that really needs to be a part of any weight loss program.

He’s advising people to buy some dietary supplement that he claims is every bit as effective as phentermine but doesn’t require a prescription. Now I don’t know if it’s effective or not and honestly, that’s not the issue. The ONLY reason he’s giving this advise is because he gets a commission.

His “advise” is really a sales pitch in disguise. Worse than that, he’s giving this advise to people that really need to check with their doctor (or at least pharmacist) before taking something new, if only to make sure there isn’t any interaction problems.

There’s the guy that had a heart problem and blood pressure issues who also had a bad problem losing weight. This careless floon talked him into taking something that’s loaded to the gills with caffeine. Thankfully the real Mr. Helpful got wind of it and talked the guy into checking with his doctor before taking any of it. A good thing since it turns out that the dosage of caffeine in that “supplement” was high enough that it could have caused this victim a boatload of problems.

But what about the thousands of people all over the place that take stuff like that every day without checking with a doctor or pharmacist first… or at least checking online to research potential side effects, interactions or other problems?

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