I’m Dreaming Up Scripts

July 12th, 2010 | Posted in Current Events, Entertainment, Misc, Youtube | Comments Off on I’m Dreaming Up Scripts

You know one way to tell that I am *really* into this Star Trek parody I’ve been developing called Phat Trek is the fact that I have started to literally dream up script ideas.

In fact, it’s been going on so much over the last few days that I’m going to start keeping my laptop next to where I sleep with the screen darkened and the machine running so that when I wake up from such a dream I can open up a notepad file and write up a quick summary of the dream so that I can work on it later when I’m fully awake enough to complete turning it into a script idea.

One good example involves the ship encountering a parallel Earth during it’s exploration. There were some differences such as Blue Cross Blue Shield NC actually referred to Northern Continent instead of North Carolina and that their primary service had more to do with insuring people’s success with weight loss plans than more common health insurance.

There were other differences such as the weight loss channel on cable television had become the single most popular network and the world wide percentage of overweight people had been reduced from it’s current level in our “real” world to less than 0.06% on their world.

I realize that this idea still needs a lot of development before it can become an actual script but still, it does have potential and I am going to keep it and work on it when I have time, along with all the other ideas I’m getting.

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