Exploding Stargate

July 15th, 2010 | Posted in Entertainment, video | Comments Off on Exploding Stargate

Talk about tense moments! I’ve just watched the episode of Stargate Atlantis titled “First Contact“. I would embed the video here but embedding is disabled for this video.

While Mr. Woolsy, Ronan and Dr. Keller are aboard the Daedalus with intentions of working with the wraith known as Todd on a plan to alter wraith physiology so that they no longer need to feed on humans, Dr. McKay and Daniel Jackson are captured by some robotic looking aliens and taken to a remote lab and forced to make some device operational that was created by an Ancient named Janus some ten thousand years earlier.

The device causes any wraith ship to explode when entering hyperspace. Todd sees this, recognizes the effect and takes control of the Daedalus.

Meanwhile, back on Atlantis, there are unexpected side effects of the device. It causes active stargates to explode. The last scene in the episode is of the Atlantis gate room from the outside. There’s a huge explosion where we’re at least meant to think that the stargate has exploded and then it fades to credits with a “To be Continued”.

Now I’ve just GOT to watch part two ASAP to find out what happened.

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