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There’s literally thousands of affiliate marketing programs recruiting new members. When you look over their sites, you find out quickly that that they are all claiming they are the best program in their niche. You read about how it’s so easy to make money with their program. All you have to do is place their banner on your site, sit back and let the cash to roll in. This kind of thing CAN happen, but only if you have just the right program and lots of targeted traffic.

Choosing banners

Most affiliate programs offer a choice of banners. The size of the banners is important as it will play a part in how effective it will be. Large banners once meant that they would have slower loading times. However now it’s more the fact that larger graphics tend to get in the way of the primary content of the site and distracting or annoying visitors is a good way to guarantee they WON’T click. The best banners these days are 125 x 125 and smaller buttons, with an occasional 468 x 60 banner or a 120 x 600 skyscraper if you have a sidebar to put it in where people can see it but not have it get in the way of the main text on the site.

Pop ups & Popunders

Lots of affiliate programs used to use pop up or pop under ads. The problem with these is that they’re really annoying to most users. An unrequested pop up or a popunder that they discover when they close the window is only going to piss most people off. Angry visitors not only don’t become customers, they don’t return either. I suggest you avoid them like the plague they are.

Text link ads

Text links are one of fastest and the most successful forms of advertising. Text Links are the most natural way to show a visitor something that you want them to click on. The text in and around the link should give an indication what it is. Relevant text in and around the links gives them and the page they link to better position in search engine results pages.

Email advertising

Direct promotion method via email has brought tons of spam users. If you plan to use email to advertise your products, you should make sure that you let them know that they’re subscribing to something and what they’re going to be getting. Also let them know that you’re not going to sell or otherwise distribute their email addresses.. and then make sure you live up to that statement!


Keep in mind that advertising and promotion takes time. It can easily take weeks to months for a site promotion campaign to really take off and start resulting in customers. It is almost certainly NOT going to happen overnight. You need to keep working at it, promoting the site, building inbound links, staying on top of SEO and Marketing.

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