Surprise Plot Twist

July 15th, 2010 | Posted in Entertainment | Comments Off on Surprise Plot Twist

In my previous post I wrote about a rather suspenseful episode of Stargate Atlantis that turned out to be the first of a two part story. In the second part, some revalations are made.

Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. McKay are still on the planet they were taken to when kidnapped from Atlantis. The robot looking captors turned out to be Asgard wearing battle armor. The Asgard ignore Jackson’s plea to deactivate the Attero device because of it’s side effect of causing active stargates to explode.

Meanwhile, Todd and company still hold Woolsey, Keller, Ronan and the Daedalus crew captive. He’s convinced that they are behind the resurrection of this deadly technology.

Sheppard works with the Travelers to get to the device before Todd does and destroy it as well as rescuing Jackson and McKay.

Of course, there are still plenty of Asgard around and it’s a no brainer that they’re plenty pissed off at having their plans foiled. I expect the Atlantis expedition will be hearing from them again.

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