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For some reason I don’t quite fathom I got to thinking about something odd (that actually happens fairly often). This time it’s the sounds of daily life. Most mornings the first sound I hear is not an alarm clock but my cat informing me that it’s time to haul myself up onto my feet and fill his food and water supply. This is usually followed by the sounds of water pouring and of dry cat food striking his dish. I generally get another meow or two out of him and then he’s quiet for hours.

The next sounds are those of getting the coffee pot started … pouring water, scooping grounds and hitting the brew button. The next twenty minutes or so have the sounds of the coffeepot brewing in the background. When it’s quiet, It’s done.

Not long after that is the door chime sound that my spam filter program uses to notify me that there is new non-spam email. This particular sound repeats at varying intervals throughout the day and is accompanied by the soft sound of my laptop keyboard as I’m writing blog posts, working on script ideas and other things.

Sooneer or later the sounds go from a few here and there to a constant flow of a wide, unpredictable variety as I start catching up on videos I’m subscribed to on YouTube plus usually quite a few more.

I’m blessed that the sounds of traffic is something I only hear when I go out, which isn’t very often. sirens, screaming, gunfire and suchlike are sounds that in the past I’ve heard a lot of because of where I was living at the time. Thankfully the only time I hear those sounds now is when they are in a video I’m watching.

In the hot weather the sounds of the cicada are often heard outside in the evening along with crickets, birds & such.

Then finally as the day ends, I fall asleep to the sound of my overhead fan.

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