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July 27th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Down The Road

That super pushy salesman on vacation is at it again with his high pressure sales tactics. This time he’s targeting everybody in Nutjob Hills with a car. His objective, to get everybody in town to join his pet roadside assistance club. Of course, knowing him I figured there was something bogus about it and did some checking. Sure enough, the “club” he’s promoting is the single most expensive one out there. Not only that, it’s less of a “club” than it is an arm of an insurance company that shall remain nameless.

The thing that bugs me is that he’s actually getting people to sign up for this thing in spite of it’s cost. He’s one real slick talker, convincing people that because it’s the most expensive it’s got the best plan and coverage.

So I’ve teamed up with Mr. Helpful (I can’t say I ever imagined I’d be doing THAT!) trying to educate people about the right way to choose a roadside assistance club.

The first thing you need to find out is what services are offered and at what price. You also need to check out the company to make sure you’re dealing with an outfit that knows what it’s doing. The best way to do this is to get online and look for reviews written by people that have used their services in the past.

Armed with this data you can then pick one that will work for your needs. Without having to spend a fortune. Contrary to what Mr. Salesman would have us believe, expensive is NOT always the best.

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