14 Link Building Strategies

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One of the biggest ongoing jobs in website promotion is link building, the practice of gaining more links from other sites that point to yours. Here’s 14 things to take into consideration when building links to your site that will help improve the quality of links and your visibility in the search engines.

1. Get links from related but non-competitive sites.

If you make blue widgets, then it would be valuable to get links from sites where blue widgets are retailed or sites where blue widget parts are made, blue widget information sites, widget user forums and information sites, etc.

On the other hand, if you can get a link from a competitor, then by all means welcome it.

2. Vary the anchor text

The text that is used in the anchor and around it play an important part in determining relevance. The best use is to have keywords OR words & phrases that are related to your keywords in the anchor text.

You also want that link to be nested within text that is relevant to what’s being linked to. Links within a block of relevant text are worth more than links that stand alone or in a list.

3. Get links from sites with higher pagerank than yours

The pagerank of the page that your link appears on is one factor (in Google anyway) that can affect your site positively. Links from pages with PR equal to or higher than yours can eventually result in your pagerank increasing.

4. Directory submission.

Most directory websites are free to submit your site to. Before doing so however you should look the site over and make sure it’s not just a link farm or an FFA (Free For All links site). As long as it’s a quality directory that isn’t filled with link spam that mostly points to garbage sites, then it’s a good place to get a link from.

5. Title text in the title from other sites

The title text is the line of text that appears in the title bar of the browser when you go to the site. That text is also one of the factors that search engines use to determine what a site is about. It’s helpful, though out of your control, if the title text on the page that links to you is at least a little bit relevant to your site.

6. Get links from authority sites in your niche.

Links from sites that are considered to be ‘authority sites’ are valuable. A link from “The master’s guide to widgets” to your “blue widgets” page would be worth a lot because you’re being referenced from a site that is considered to be an authority on widgets and they link to you when talking about blue widgets.

7. Write an Ebook and submit it to Ebook directories.

An ebook about something that’s related to your site and that contains links to your site for solutions you talk about in the book. Not only could you submit it to directories, you could also give it away as a free download.

8. Submit to article directories.

Write articles, preferably about some aspect of your business or something that relates to it and submit it to article directories. Some will allow a reasonable number of links in the artcles and others will want your links kept to an authors box that will accompany the article when it’s published.

9. Publish a press release.

Business has been using press releases for a long time as a method to get free publicity about new products and anything else a company is doing.

Sites like http://www.free-press-release.com/submit/ allow you to write and publish a press release about your business or company and include links to your site for reference and further information.

10. Make sure that links to your site are varied in PR and come from different IP addresses

If you’ve got 100 links that all come from the same IP address, it won’t be nearly as widely visible as if you had 10 links coming from 10 different IP addresses. Using a “WHOIS” tool to find out the IP address of the sites linking to you will show how many different IP addresses your links are coming from. The more the better.

11. Don’t just get links to your home page.

This is known as “Deep Linking”. It’s the practice of getting links to pages from within your site. for “www.blue-widgets.com” you might get a lot of links to that address, but you would also want links to inner pages in the site like “www.blue-widgets.com/widget-catalog/” or “www.blud-widgets.com/widget-retailers/” and so on.

12. Temporary links aren’t worth getting.

If a link isn’t going to exist for at least a year, then move on to one that will last at LEAST that long. Ideally you want to get links that will be more or less permanent.

13. Avoid “Bad Neighborhood” sites.

FFA pages, link farms, spamdexing sites, known malware sites and any sites with questionable, pirated, or illegal content are the kind of things that you want to avoid. However, contrary to popular misconception, sites like this linking to yours can’t really hurt you because search engines know that site owners have very little control over who links to them.

The big damage from bad neighborhood sites comes when YOU link to THEM. To put it simply, if a site isn’t relevant to your site or provide some benefit to your visitors, then don’t link to it.

If you absolutely *must* link to a questionable site, make sure to use the rel=”nofollow” attribute in the link so that search engine spiders will not associate your site with it.

14. Prefer One-Way links.

Whenever possible, you want sites to link to you without you having to link back to them. Reciprocal linking is a valid method of building links for everybody involved, however one way links do seem to carry more authority.

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