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Every day there is a fresh load of blog posts and articles about complicated techniques and miraculous formulas for the latest and greatest website marketing strategies. Every day dozens, hundreds of people are selling and buying all of the latest useless ebooks about these techniques that either just plain don’t work or are promoting techniques that *might* have worked a year or three ago but can actually be bad ideas now because search engine algorithms have and continue to change over time.

If you’ve been one of those unfortunate that have wasted time and money buying some of those ebooks and courses, here are some simple tips.

First off, Submitting to directories, writing articles, using social media and so on have been the staples of link building advise practically forever. While these things are useful in their own right. They have been done to death, repeated a bazillion times by every so-called expert that comes down the pipe.

Some basic steps that any website marketing program can implement that will work no matter what your niche is. These basic steps are the same no matter what you’re selling and all genuinely successful systems boil down to them.

As tired as the saying is, content really is king.

Fresh, unique content written regularly is *the* primary way to build targeted search engine traffic over the long term. Google (and any other search engine really) are all about the content that their spiders find and if it’s updated often that’s even better. This is because the more often you publish new content, the more often the search engine spiders will re-crawl your site.

Frequently updated content means that there will be more unique pages for the search engines to crawl. Given a good internal linking structure on your site you’ll have more internal links pointing to the most important pages on your site.

You Always Need More Inbound Links

One of the biggest factors that search engines have to determine the quality of a site is the number of links from other sites and the text that is in and around those links.

Think of a link to a site as a vote for that site. The more links that exist from *relevant* sites the better. If there’s more links to site “a” than there are to site “b” then, everything else being equal (both sites having roughly the same number of pages that is targeting the same keywords & phrases), site “a” will be more likely to be served as a result to a query for one of the targeted keywords.

I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke at you and try to sell you some magic formula. There ain’t no such critter. Building links is a slow process and takes a lot of work to do. I CAN give you a list of 14 Link Building Strategies that will help absolutely free. The most I’ll ask for in return for those tips is that you give me a link if you like what I’ve written.

There is no such thing as fast results

Science fiction author Larry Niven popularized the term “TANSTAAFL“, which is an acronym that stands for “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” and in web marketing it’s 100% true. There is no instant success formula. You have to actually work at it constantly.

I’ve seen it said that “you shouldn’t expect results the first day.”, but I’ll go a bit farther and say that you shouldn’t expect ANY kind of quick or instant results. Building links takes time. Writing fresh content takes time. Promoting that content takes time. Then you’re finding more places to get links from, doing keyword research, traffic analysis and so on. Not only does the job take time, it’s an ongoing one that you have to stay with if you expect to see results.

Yes, people do sometimes hit just the right combination of circumstances, product and their own positioning and end up making a fortune really fast. However most people have to work the system constantly. It’s not backbreaking or even unpleasant work. In fact, I rather enjoy some of the things that I can learn as I’m researching new content or what the latest hot keywords are for a particular topic. As busy as this kind of work keeps me I have to say that I love doing it. I also have to say that it’s never really quite “done” until you’re ready to sell the site and retire. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any plans to retire for as long as I can operate a computer.

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