My Youtube Plans

August 12th, 2010 | Posted in Making money | Comments Off on My Youtube Plans

I do actually have a plan for Youtube and all the time I spend working on videos to upload. To put it simply, I intend for youtube to become a significant source of income. Oh, I understand that it may be a while before I take an Orlando vacation with the profits that I expect to earn from being a youtube partner, though long before that point I fully expect it to become a major contributor to my monthly finances.

I’m thinking of little things, such as having the cash to hire some kid to keep my lawn mowed so that I don’t have to while I’m not up to doing it, getting some overdue maintenance done on my car, repairing some computers that have been down for months… and of course, improving my home studio and maybe buying some new equipment & supplies to improve the quality of my videos.

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