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August 15th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Not Quite Potato Potahto

I just got wind of another one of those famous Nutjob Hills arguments. This time it’s between a local jeweler and the owner of a lighting fixture shop down the street. What they’re fighting over sounds a bit odd to me but then again, this IS Nutjob Hills isn’t it.

The fun started shortly after the jewelry shop started selling what they call “pendant lights”, similar in most respects to your basic pendant but with a light installed behind the gemstone(s) that’s somehow rigged to turn on when it touches the skin of the wearer. They come in a variety of colors and designs and are starting to become quite popular with the younger crowd.

When the guy in the light fixture shop heard about it he just about blew his stack and couldn’t wait to see the jeweler and give him “a healthy serving of What for” (his words, not mine). His argument is that pendant lights are not jewelry at all but a light fixture that is both functional and decorative that can be hung from the ceiling over a table, kitchen counter or work area.

The idea is that, in addition to decorative use, you can put them over any place that you would normally put a table lamp, you free up space on that surface that would otherwise be tied up with said lamp and so on.

From what I heard about that first argument, it lasted over three hours with the two of them going back and forth about the meaning of pendant lamp and whether or not the jeweler is going to somehow harm the light fixture guy’s business by confusing the buying public.

It ended with both parties not having given and inch and the light fixture guy swearing loudly, saying that his lawyer would be calling the jeweler and a lawsuit is absolutely going to happen.

My opinion? I think somebody needs to chill. On the bright side, the chaos is not involving me. That part is kinda refreshing.

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