Pushy Salesman Doesn’t THINK Before He Sells

August 20th, 2010 | Posted in Marketing, nutjob hills | Comments Off on Pushy Salesman Doesn’t THINK Before He Sells

I just caught wind of one of Mr. Pushy’s latest projects. According to several reports (and a few rumors) he has been spending quite a bit of time and effort getting set up to sell iphone insurance here in Nutjob Hills. Obviously of course, that by itself isn’t a problem, anyone that’s spent the considerable money to buy an iPhone would be wise to protect that investment.

The one obvious (to me at least) problem with his campaign is that in all of Nujob Hills there are perhaps thirty iPhones total. This means that he’s going to have to create a need in order to be able to fulfill it by selling that insurance.

Given that this guy has a history of shady dealing and selling “products” that are never quite what he claims they are, I have no doubt that there will soon be a fairly large number of knockoff imitation iPhones appearing on the market locally. He’ll probably work out some kind of a package deal selling the bogus phones along with his special version of insurance for them.

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