Pushy Is As Pushy Does

August 20th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Pushy Is As Pushy Does

Mr. Pushy (well, that’s what I call him anyway) has turned out to have a lot more up his sleeve than merely selling ultra cheap knockoff phones as if they were the genuine article. He is stepping his sales efforts into high gear in a major way.

As I’ve said before, he has stated (more than once actually) that he fully intends to make a minimum of one sale to each and every resident of Nutjob Hills before he leaves to head back to with windy city and he is well into his plan. Never mind that most of the people who buy from him don’t need most of the crap he’s selling.

Think I’m exaggerating? How about this? Two days ago he sold a car insurance policy to Joe B. Even though Joe isn’t going to be able to get his drivers license for an other four months. He sold a crystal chandelier to a blind man who lives in an apartment building with no place to put one, and most recently I hear that he has been pestering a guy to buy burial plots on the moon.

I understand the drive to sell. I even understand a certain amount of aggressiveness in doing the job. However this guy has been crossing the line since he got here and I for one will be thankful to see him leave.

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