A Chance To Escape

August 24th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on A Chance To Escape

It’s no secret that I am not normally the vacation taking kind of guy. Most of the time I am perfectly satisfied to spend any actual vacation time right here at home. About the only difference between that and my normal everyday workday life is that, when on vacation, I stock up on everything I’ll need and simply don’t go out for anything for several weeks.

However thanks to Mr. Pushy and several natives of Nujob Hills I am giving serious thought to actually going away somewhere this year just to get away from all the hassle and unwanted drama that’s gotten way above the normal (even for here!).

I was talking about this with Mr. Helpful last night and he actually had a helpful suggestion (it does happen once in a while). He started showing me some Outer Banks rental properties by Carolina Designs and I have to admit that I think he’s hit the mark this time.

I’m talking about some classic looking architecture that reminds me quite a bit of New England yet still has it’s own southern charm. Living here in Arkansas for as long as I have I haven’t seen a two or three story house in a long time and the one I saw on the website looked great. Plus, it also included high speed internet access as well, which means that I could still get some work done if I decided to.

All in all, it looks like a great idea. In fact, it looks better every time I hear another rumor about Mr. Pushy and his latest sales scam.

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