A Would Be Competitor

September 1st, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on A Would Be Competitor

It seems that Mr. Pushy, our resident salesman “on vacation” from his high pressure sales job in Chicago, now has some competition in his efforts to sell things to the citizens of Nutjob Hills. Ordinarily I would consider this a good thing because if people are buying from somebody else, they’re not spending good money on his crap.

The problem isn’t who the competition is, he’s a local kid trying to make some money for college. No, the problem is that he’s decided to sell textbooks and encyclopedias door to door.

Honestly until I heard about what he was doing I didn’t think that there were any companies that still used the door to door salesman approach, opting instead to sell textbooks online and take advantage of the much wider potential of an online market. Not to mention how much they’ll save on shoe leather.

I’m hoping that the kid can be talked into something that’s a bit more in step with the times because not only is he unlikely to sell any books like that, Mr. Pushy will eat him for lunch (figuratively speaking of course).

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