New Blood

September 7th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on New Blood

Some new people moved into town last week and already there are a whole raft of people getting set to welcome them in their own way. Mr. Helpful has made a bunch of observations of these people and is putting together a preliminary list of things he thinks they’ll need “help” with, the guy who has been trying to replace him is also doing the same only with an eye toward his profit motive.

The pushy salesman is also getting in on the act, intending to see how fast he can unload his recent acquisition of antique textbooks on these unsuspecting new residents.

I’ve got some plans of my own as well. I’m planning to drop by tonight to welcome them to the neighborhood in my own way, by warning them about some of the more annoying local pests that can easily give them a bad first impression of our small town. I think it’s only reasonable, after all, they certainly didn’t move here with the intention of being harassed by a flock of floons on their first week here.

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