Best Keywords and Video Progress ( or not )

October 13th, 2008 | Posted in Adsense, Blogging, Keywords, Making money, Monetizing Blogs, Movies, SEO, Traffic, traffic tools, video | Comments Off on Best Keywords and Video Progress ( or not )

Why would I use a title that included “Best Keywords” in a post that’s largely about video? Because using the tool that this video talks about, Keyword Corral, showed that the phrase “Best Keywords” is a really good keyword to target. I decided that I would really like for this post to rank in the top page of search engine results for a good but not too competitive term. That meant getting out what I honestly believe is the best tool for keyword research that I’ve seen in a long time.

Keyword Corral makes it easy to find the best keywords to optimize your site, blog post, sales copy, Etc. for. By taking a few minutes to use this tool to analyze your subject, you can come up with the best keywords to use in that posting to insure that it’s relevant i.e. it’s related to keywords that people are actually using in search engines.

That’s the big difference. You can come up with all kinds of keywords and phrases about any given topic. I can probably come up with at least a dozen for most topics without hardly even trying … more if I take a few minutes to do some research. The thing is though, if the keywords I’m optimizing for are not the ones people are using in searches, then I’m probably not coming out on top of the results.

Keyword Corral doesn’t do ALL of the work, you do have to take a few minutes ( yeah, maybe four minutes, tops. ) to gather the data that it needs. However once you’ve gotten that information, it will make the job of determining the best keywords for the subject at hand a very quick job. I usually have very good results in a matter of ten minutes or so and that’s only because I like to take my time when I can.

What follows here is one of the things I’m wanting to get busy on doing good quality productions of my own. This video demo is of the screen capture variety and is very nicely done although I wouldn’t have let the shading highlight tool make the rest of the video so dark, it’s the one thing that took away from the finished product. and no, I couldn’t have done any better. A year from now (not that long I hope!) I expect to be doing pretty good.

This video is a touch long at 9:50, but it’s well worth watching every second and paying attention. Once you’ve watched the video, Click here to get Keyword Corral absolutely Free and start getting the best keywords for every topic.

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