The Meeting

September 17th, 2010 | Posted in Current Events, nutjob hills | Comments Off on The Meeting

After the trouble last night where a bunch of teens went off half drunk with the intention of “messing around” with the new resident in town who bought and renovated the “haunted mansion” on the outskirts of town Mr. Helpful and I decided that it was time for us to go out there and meet the man ourselves and see if he could tell us anything about what happened and why the kids were speeding away in such a big hurry that they forgot one of their group whom we found on the road, running after his friends, terrified out of his mind.

As we arrived at the old place we could see that it had indeed been renovated. In fact, it looked more like it had almost been rebuilt from scratch. The sprawling four story mansion looked like new and had an atmosphere about it that made you think of a castle even though it’s a far cry from one.

The door was answered by an actual English butler… a “Gentleman’s gentleman” in the old world tradition. He greeted us formally and said “The Master is expecting you” in the flattest deadpan voice I’ve ever heard. He escorted us into the house to a large comfortable looking library. The butler announced us and promptly left (or faded into the background the way good butlers are supposed to, I’m not sure which.)

We were greeted somewhat formally by a tall man who introduced himself as Lajos Boros and invited us to join him in one of his favorite macanudo cigars. He spoke with a slight accent that sounded eastern European, perhaps German or Hungarian and positively reeked of old world nobility. Mr. Helpful and I introduced ourselves and told him why we had come.

He told us that while he had heard the sound of a car squealing it’s tires and moving way, he had not seen or heard anyone on his property. We talked for a while longer, giving him our best “welcome to the neighborhood” speeches and asking him to contact us if he should have any trouble with people out exploring the “haunted mansion”.

On the way back home I couldn’t help thinking that there’s a lot more to this guy than Mr. Helpful or I have even begun to guess.

I suppose time will tell.

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