They Called Him “Pizza Face”

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They say kids are cruel and you know what? It’s true. The thing is, that cruelty doesn’t just go away as they get older. In fact it doesn’t even gradually go away. In most kids, as they get into their upper teens it seems to concentrate in the ones that are more suited to being that way until finally that small group of alleged people have most of the available cruelty and the rest of us have learned to be at least semi decent human beings.

Anyway. When I was in high school there was a kid from Nujob Hills (that was the first time I’d heard of the place. Who would have imagined I’d end up living here?) that had a bad acne problem. He couldn’t help it. He had tried all of the acne cream treatments that were on the market at the time as well as every other acne treatment that could be found or thought up. All to no avail. His face was covered with so many zits that I have no doubt that were he still around today he would be seriously pockmarked with the scars of those days.

For at least four years that I know of he was known as “Pizza Face” to most of the students. There was even a teacher or three that would occasionally call him Pizza Face. I was one of the few that knew him by his real name. Yeah, I used that term once in a while but it was a different circumstance. I had a few unwanted monikers of my own in those days (no, I’m NOT going to tell what they were.).

I heard years later that he was somewhere overseas when he heard somebody use that old name.

It was too much.

He disappeared that day and hasn’t been seen or heard of since.

Neither have the four hundred and thirty seven people that were within ten miles of the village he was in that day.

They’re gone.

The village and every structure for ten miles around were burned to the ground.

No traces at all.

No footprints, trails, or even bodies were ever found.

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