The Amnesiac

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We have our share of celebrities here in Nutjob Hills, though many of them owe their fame not to being in movies, writing books, holding public office or being obscenely rich and (usually) or eccentric. Most of them are, to put it politely, just very uniquely eccentric or the victims of highly unusual circumstances. Such is the case of the amnesiac.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the famed music expert, Clive Wearing, whose ability to store memories was destroyed by a rogue infection of herpes simplex 1 virus that attacked his brain’s hippocampus instead of just triggering the normal cold sores.

Well, our local amnesiac has essentially the same problem however the cause was quite different. Instead of being caused by a virus, it was caused by 2,346 pairs of high heel shoes. Specifically, he was working at a local warehouse when a containerized cargo unit carrying a shipment of high heel shoes was being lifted by crane from the truck it arrived on and moved to the train that would carry it the rest of the way.

The cables on one end of the container broke while the container was in mid-air, halfway from the truck to the railroad car it was being moved to. When that end of the container fell, the doors opened and the cargo of high heel shoes came tumbling out. This man was working directly beneath it at the time and he was positively pummeled by the rain of footwear.

Later that week, when he awoke in the hospital, doctors and the man’s family discovered that his ability to form new memories was gone.

The moral of this story is: “Look up once in a while!”

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