September 21st, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on Frustration

For nearly a year now I’ve been trying to lose weight. In that time I’ve managed to go from 353 to 336. As you might well imagine, progress that slow is, to say the least, frustrating in the extreme.

It’s frustrating enough that I have from time to time (and more so now) considered the idea of using some kind of diet pills to accelerate my weight loss. The problems are two however. The cost, most of the diet pills that I’ve seen or read about are too expensive for a microscopic budget like mine. The other concern is how to know which diet pills work? There are so many, all with fantastic claims, that it can be VERY hard to figure out which are likely candidates that both fit my almost nonexistent budget and will actually work as their advertising claims they will.

The one effective pill I’ve found so far is Lasix. I take it daily and through the day I lose six to eight pounds. I know it’s just water weight though because I gain it back overnight and the next morning I’m right back where I started.


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