Using Related Keywords To Improve Store SERPS Position

October 18th, 2008 | Posted in Advertising, Keywords, SEO | Comments Off on Using Related Keywords To Improve Store SERPS Position

“Search engine related site ranks high for woman’s footwear and ‘feet’.” Does that sound like an unexpected SEO result? I think it’s fair to say that most people involved in trying to get a page or site to get good position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for particular keywords get it figured out pretty quickly that they need to write good content that uses those keywords.

There’s keywords and then there’s related keywords

What a lot of people don’t quite realize though is that it’s not about JUST using a given keyword X number of times in all of the “right” places a blog post or website page. It’s also sensible to use keywords that are related to the primary keywords you want to optimize for. A site that was primarily about Beautifeel shoes would therefore have every likelyhood to use variety of terms related shoes, boots and woman’s footwear in general.

Such a store site could have a page about footcare and feet related problems, pages of product listings and descriptions of shoes, boots. It would not only use the keyword they were trying to optimize for but other terms that come up naturally in the course of talking about that particular subject.

How do I find such “related” keywords?

There’s several ways. One would be to look at competitor pages, sites that are successful in selling the same or similar products. Another is to simply know the field you’re talking about and write good, authoritative articles about it. You can also get Google to do some of the work for you. Take your primary keywords and put them into Google one at a time with the ~ (tilde) operator. In the example cited above, You’d use “~shoes” (without the quotes). In the results pages from that search, several words would be in bold, those are words that Google considers to be related to the word you gave it.

It can take some time to do research like this right but it’s well worth doing and can increase your SERPs positions for your primary keywords because the page content will be more relevant to the terms people are using to search. For example, because of the subject of this post and the keywords and related terms that I’ve used in it, I fully expect this page to not only end up with decent position for keyword research and related terminology.

I also expect that it will appear in SERPs for shoes and woman’s footwear related searches. It may not rank very high for those terms, but It WILL show up in the results because shoes, boots, and other woman’s footwear related terminology is used liberally in this post

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