His Face Has A Headache?

September 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on His Face Has A Headache?

Some people come up with the strangest home remedies, especially when it comes to acne treatment. Apparently they’re so desperate to cure and / or prevent those zits that they’re so worried about that they are willing to try absolutely anything no matter how odd or desperate it might be.

For example I heard the story of one kid that came up with a concoction that doesn’t sound to me like it would do much of anything unless his face has a headache.

He takes 10 aspirin tablets and crushes them up and then mixes the powdered aspirin with a skin toner. This he uses to scrub his face three times a day. He claims that it works perfectly. I can’t help thinking that he’s just grown beyond the zit phase.

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