How Much is Too Much?

October 1st, 2010 | Posted in Hot Topics, Misc | Comments Off on How Much is Too Much?

I think it’s safe to say that most people in this country, especially overweight people, know that there’s a serious obesity epidemic going on. In spite of what some would have you believe, the solution isn’t trying to live on grapefruits and cabbage soup. Instead the key to the whole thing is in plans like nutrisystem that centers around eating smaller portions. This way it’s possible to significantly decrease your daily caloric intake without depriving yourself of the foods you love.

Know Your Portions.

Actual portion sizes are much smaller than most people think. Portions of most foods usually average out to between 90 and 160 calories (though there are exceptions). Calorie-dense foods come generally have much smaller portion sizes. For example, one half (40 grams) of a small slice of cheesecake has 130 calories. Yet 40 grams lettuce or spinach barely has 10 calories and can fill a salad bowl.

These examples make the point that can generally be applied to most foods. Calorie-dense foods usually tend to be unhealthy. This means the calories you take from calorie-dense foods come from b and bad fats. Naturally low calorie foods are usually be more nutritious and quite a bit less fatty.

The key to cutting calories is to know the calorie content of the foods eat and to keep the portion sizes of calorie-dense foods smaller, and use moderate portion sizes for lower calorie foods.

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