Faking “Ghost Videos” – Worth Doing Or Not?

October 11th, 2010 | Posted in building traffic, Misc, Youtube | Comments Off on Faking “Ghost Videos” – Worth Doing Or Not?

Over the last several months I’ve seen a growing trend on youtube in which people are posting more and more videos that make claims like “real ghost caught on video”, “real ufo video”, or “Alien caught on tape!” and so on.

Now right off the bat, I am 100% certain that each and every one of these are faked in one way or another. The question I have is “Would it be worth my time to make one or two of these myself?”. Specifically, if I had a reasonable expectation of such a thing getting me a lot of video views then I’d probably do it just for the views and the LoL’s.

It’s fairly easy to do with most video editing programs. Especially if you invest in some security cameras to record your source video with and then process that in the editor to enhance the effect until it’s just right. I’m just not certain just how good of an idea it would be.

Honestly though, I may try doing at least one just to see how well it’s received.

What do you think?

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