The “Slootpocalypse”?

October 16th, 2010 | Posted in Youtube | Comments Off on The “Slootpocalypse”?

If you don’t spend much time on youtube you’ve probably never heard of that term. It refers to the time of year during the halloween season in which women can supposedly get away with dressing up in so-called sexy costumes that are often little more than decorated lingerie and wear them in public and supposedly nobody is allowed to make any “slut” comments or remarks because they are “in costume”.

I believe the term “slootpocalypse” was coined by youtube personality Philip DeFranco sometime in the last two years during the five or six weeks before the start of October.

Since then he’s made a big deal of it in his vlogs every halloween. Probably because he figures it’s a good excuse to put pictures of scantily clad hotties not only in the video but also in the thumbnail image for the video to attract more people to watch them. Remember, he’s one of those top 100 partners which means he makes pretty good money from the advertising that shows with his videos, more traffic means more clicks which means more money made.

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