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October 21st, 2008 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Making money, Marketing | Comments Off on Affiliate or Entrepreneur

A great way to make lots of money online is by selling a product that you’ve developed yourself. That’s because you get a much larger share of the profits.

An entrepreneur selling products that others developed will generally only get some form of commission. Even if that’s as high as 50% or 75%, it’s still not as good as when you’re selling your own thing.

The other benefit to selling a product you’ve created is that you can find others to become YOUR Affiliates who will then work to sell your product for you. It’s true that that this means going back to making less profit per sale because you’re giving a commission to your affiliates the sales they make but it is easily well worth it. Why? Because they’re doing the promotional work for you, driving qualified, targeted leads to your site.

This lets you focus on expanding your business and developing new products while your affiliates send targeted sales leads to your site. Not only that, all you need is to get one marketer that really knows what he or she is doing with affiliate marketing and you can be rolling in dough quickly.

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