The Attack

October 21st, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on The Attack

As some might recall, a while back we had a new person move into the area. He bought an old mansion that had been reputed to be haunted, had a lot of very expensive renovations done by workers that he imported from eastern Europe and then finally moved in.

At first there were a few incidents involving young people looking for a thrill and deciding to go out and mess with “the weird old guy that lives in the haunted house”. However after the first several people to do this came back terrified out of their minds people started steering well clear of the old place and it’s admittedly odd new owners.

I remember talking to him after the first such incident. He maintained that those adventure seeking kids never bothered him or came to his house. He did admit to hearing some noise but didn’t think much of it.

Last night there was another incident, the first in several weeks. One of the many itinerant travelers that pass through town on occasion showed up at the emergency room covered in blood. They treated him for what looked like an animal bite on his neck that had nearly severed his jugular. After repairing the wound and giving him several units of blood and a prescription of prenatal multivitamins because of the high iron content in them he was finally in shape to answer some questions.

His story is, to say the least, disturbing. He had been driving through late at night when his car had a flat tire a few miles from the old mansion. He remembered pulling over and starting to change the tire when something came out of the woods by the side of the road and attacked him.

He quickly lost consciousness without ever having seen his attacker. When he woke up a few minutes later he was lying by the side of the road, bleeding from his neck and covered in blood. He got back in his car and holding one hand against the wound in his neck, drove on the flat tire to the ER for treatment.

He’s never been in Nujob Hills before and now of course once he leaves you can be sure he’ll never return. What’s disturbing about this is that while there is some wildcats and other fairly dangerous wildlife around, no animal around here would leave a wound like the one he had. Not only that, but anything that did attack him that ferociously would not have killed him and at least partially eaten him.

As you can imagine, the investigation is only just beginning. We’ve got to find out what this was, where it is now, find it and put it down before more people are attacked.

The European living in the old mansion near where it happened has already been questioned and once again, reports only hearing some noise in the distance and not thinking much of it.

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